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Cardiac Stabilizer

Function of Cardiac Stabilizer--Fixed heart in the process of cardiac

surgery. The epicardium and surface tissue of the operative site have

been fixed to provide stable surgical fields for operation.

The new stable Cardiac stabilizers made by Beijing medos AT

Biotechnology Co., Ltd, which are designed for Off-pump CABG

with powerful fixation and simple use.

The stable series products can offer enough holding force and

outstanding stability and passed CE Certify. They are exported to

USA, GERMANY, RUSSIA, KOREA and other countries,

while market share in China is No.1.


Stable-V1    Vacuum Stabilizer

Stable-MV1  Micro Vacuum Stabilizer
Stable-M1   Mechanical Stabilizer
Stable-P1    Heart Positioner

Product Feature

Varieties Combination

Five kinds of fixed heads can be chosen randomly
Two kinds of adaptive retractor

Perfect fixed head

360 degree omni-directional rotation
Fixed head and connect arm form an angle of 90 degree

Flexible arm assembly

Extension cardiac surgery operation space
Achieve the best stabilizing effect
Convenient self-locking function

Retractor suture platform

Multiple groups of surgical sutures can be suspended at the same time
Reduce the amount of suture and provide clear surgical field

Head Assembly


               For Medtronic & Chase                      For Medos & Maquet

Order Information

TypeModelSpecPacking Information
Vacuum stabilizerStable-PV1-1BM4001(Maquet)Normal Vacuum Stabilizer+Tubing set+Retractor Platform
Vacuum stabilizerStable-WV1-1BM4004(Medtronic)Universal Vacuum Stabilizer+Tubing set
Micro Vacuum stabilizerStable-PMV1BM4008 (Maquet)Normal Micro Vacuum Stabilizer+Tubing set+Retractor Platform
Micro Vacuum stabilizerStable-WMV1BM4007(Medtronic)Universal Micro Vacuum Stabilizer+Tubing set
Mechanical stabilizerStable-PM1BM4003 (Maquet)Normal Mechanical Stabilizer+Retractor Platform
Mechanical stabilizerStable-WM1BM4002(Medtronic)Universal Mechanical Stabilizer
Heart PositionerStable-PP1BM4006 (Maquet)Normal Heart positioner+Tubing set+Retractor Platform
Heart PositionerStable-WP1BM4005 (Medtronic)Universal Heart positioner+Tubing set

Instruction for Use

1.Building in retractor.

2.Before assemble the stabilizer ensure the interlink arm is flexible.

3.Assemble the stabilizer onto the platform by pulling back on the mount lever and hooking the mount onto the platform in the desired location. Lock  the mount into place by sliding the mount lever 90ºto the left or right.

4.Attach one end of the tubing to the stabilizer tubing. Attach the other end of the tubing to a fluid collection canister (not include).Make sure th  e stopcock is in the closed air position.The remaining vacuum tubing should then connect from the fluid collection canister to a regulated vacuum sou  rce.Set the vacuum regulator from 200mmHg to 400mmHg.

5.Gently shape malleable feet as desired to conform to the heart without bending the feet beyond 25 degree in any direction. Place the stabilizer foot onto the heart and apply vacuum by opening the stopcock.

6.Once positioned, secure the arm by turning the mount knob clockwise.

7.To remove stabilizer from the retractor,release the vacuum by turning the stopcock to air.Loosen the stabilizer by holding the arm with one hand and turning the knob counter-clockwise with the other hand.

8.To remove stabilizer from the platform,slide the mount lever to the center position and pull back.

9.Unhinge the mount to release the stabilizer from the platform.

10.To remove the platform,fully close the system by turning the drive handle clockwise.Gently remove the system from the sternum.

11.To remove the platform from an Activator drive Mechanism,turn release latches on the platform in the direction of the arrows and pull the platform away from the drive mechanism.