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Blood Cardioplegia Delivery

The Blood Cardioplegia Delivery of Beijing Medos including two parts:

the heat exchange part and the tubing part.The product has the functions

of changing blood temperature,measuring pressure and discharging


It plays an important role in protecting cardiac muscle during

cardiopulmonary bypass.

After mixture of the cardioplegia, the temperature is changed by heat

exchange to achieve the clinical perfusion requirement.


Automatic rise and fall temperature

Temperature change effect is remarkable

Quickly reach the set temperature

According to the user's requirement provide pressure sensing interface

Easy to use

Quick and convenient exhaust

Imported raw materials, good blood compatibility

Order Information

Blood Cardioplegia Delivery  


Instruction for Use:

1.Check whether the outer packing is damaged and whether the product is within the validity period.

2.Open the outer packing and fix the blood cardioplegia delivery upright on the bracket. When used, the position should not be tilted and inverted to prevent the gas embolus from entering the myocardial blood supply tube.

3.The outlet of the hot exchange water tank is connected with the intake of the blood cardioplegia delivery, and the outlet of the blood cardioplegia delivery is connected with the intake of the heat exchange water tank, and it operates 2min to observe if there is leakage, if no leakage can be used. During the period of use, the outlet passage of the blood cardioplegia delivery shall not be blocked, and the water temperature shall not exceed 42 degrees.

4.The pump tube of the blood cardioplegia delivery is connected with the coronary artery perfusion port of the oxygenator, and the fine pump tube is connected with potassium containing cardioplegia.

5.The temperature probe is inserted into the temperature probe socket below the blood cardioplegia delivery.

6.The piezometric tube is connected with the pressure measuring device, and the top exhaust pipe is connected with the return chamber.

7.Put two pumps in the pump tank, and two pumps must be closed.

8.Twist the priming valve of the blood cardioplegia delivery to the priming position and start priming the device.

9.When priming, open the front clamp of the pump tube, slowly start the myocardial perfusion pump, slowly priming with the flow of 50mL/min, and fill the device with liquid. Stop the pump when the liquid plane reaches the top of the filter. If there is a small bubble tapping, let it out. Continue to start the pump to fill the fluid and connect to the coronary perfusion tube.

10.Priming valve will be twisted to the running position after priming.