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CO2 Blower

The CO2 Blower from Beijing Medos AT Biotechnology Co., Ltd, which is

comprised of a hand piece and a malleable shaft which enables

positioning of the device near the targeted site.

Connectors on the proximal end of the device allow for connection to

standard gasand salinesources.

The device permits both an adjustable flow of gas and a mist of

saline to be deposited at the targeted site.


See more clearly;

Martin moisture: Blower helps prevent dessication of graft.
Increasing visibility: Blower gartly displaces blood with a controlled flow of saline and CO2.

Order Information:

 CO2 Blower / Mister



One piece per bag,
 Five bags per box


Instruction for use:

1.ulator be set to no more than 50 psi. Initially, adjust the flow control to 5 liters per minute( L/min). Do not exceed 8L/min.

2.Close the pinch clamp on the IV tubing. Aseptically connect the IV spike to a new bag of sterile saline and place in a pressure cuff. Inflate the cuff to approximately 150 mmHg. Open the pinch clamp and adjust sterile saline flow to 1-5 milliliters per minute using the roller clamp on the IV tubing.

3.Adjust the irrigation mist as needed by making adjustments to either the roller clamp on the IV tubing or to the flow volume controller on the Blower hand piece.

4.Bend the malleable shaft to the desired shape to easily access the surgical site.

5.Hold the tip 5cm to 15cm from the surgical site to be visualized. Adjust the distance as needed to clear the site. Use caution when moving the tip closer than 3cm to the surgical site.