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Cardiopulmonary bypass tubing set

Cardiopulmonary bypass tubing is also called supporting tubing,

which is used as a blood channel to connect the cardiovascular cannula,

blood reservoir, Heart Lung Machine, oxygenator and arterial

filter in surgery.

Beijing Medos Cardiopulmonary bypass tubing including Arterial tubing,

Venous tubing, Suction tubing, Pump part tubing, Priming tubing,

Oxygen tubing, Blood return tubing, Connect tubing.


Introduce Germany advanced production process, so that the inner surface of the product is more smooth. Reduce the damage to blood by products.
The pipe assembly is external connection and knot. It is enhance the connection strength between pipes. It do not need adhesive, Avoid the biological risk of the adhesive.

Order Information:

Client provide sample or sketch design
Medos confirm the feasibility and issued design drawing
Mutual confirmation for drawing
Medos Production trial use sample
Start order process