Cardiac Stabilizer,Oxygenator,Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System,Beijing Medos AT Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Beijing Medos offers a complete portfolio of high-performance

oxygenators  and reservoirs for neonates up to adults and for

a wide range of  indications.

The Hilite 7000 oxygenator are equipped with microporous hollow

fibermembranes (polypropylene fiber).


High efficiency
Significant safety
Significant effects for oxygenation and temperature change
Low priming volume and high flow
Gas, blood, water walks vertically to make the gas easier to expel
Special hollow fiber membranes. Automatic elimination of toxins and heat sources.
Special design of arterial blood outlet to make the gas easier to expel
Inlet & Outlet of Venous blood and arterial blood on the same side, easy to use.

Technical Data


Hilite 7000

Blood flow rate

1-7L / min

Static priming volume

320 ml

Gas exchange material

Microporous PP fiber


1.9 ㎡

Heat exchange material



0.45 ㎡