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Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System

The VH series system of Beijing Medos can integrated all parts into

the Dissection Cannula to finish the surgery.

It can minimize the scar and reduce the risk of merging infection in

the traditional collection process.

The enhanced ergonomics handle has built-in controllers to reduce

surgical barriers.

The new device provides you with a single hand controlled endoscopic

blood vessel collection.

The design of Beijing Medos allows you to easily cut and ligate blood

vessels.And mastering the methods of blood vessel collection

by VH series system.

At present, endoscopic vascular collection has become very easy

to master and become part of routine surgery.

The combination of Beijing Medos cardiac stabilizer and VH series system has achieved the completion of a minimally invasive CABG procedure - OPCRES.


Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting (EVH)

Only need to cut one to three small openings on your legs to

acquire the Saphenous Vein.

Small trauma to the patients
Quick Wound Healing
Low infection rate
Fewer complication
Light pain
Rapid recovery
Small scar
Low cost

Scars left by EVH

Open Vein Harvesting (OVH)

Surgeon need cut long arms or legs to acquire the Saphenous Vein

that needed length.

Big trauma to the patients.
Wound big, it is difficulty to healing High infection rate.

Doctors and nurses should keep an eye on the patient to prevent infection.
Easy cause a lot of complications.
The pain in the leg or arm is stronger than the pain in the

Slowly recovery and observation in hospital for A long time.
Big and long scar
High cost. Long time hospitalization expenses,

medical expenses and the cost of eliminating scar Scars left by OVH

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5mm Endoscope


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